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Shaunak Roy

Founder & CEO, Yellowdig

Shaunak Roy has always been a learner. Shaunak received his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from IIT Bombay, then went on to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he studied systems engineering. He graduated but his education was far from complete. He wanted a job where he could continue to be exposed to new ideas and industries, so he went into consulting. This career took him around the world, where he helped Fortune 500 companies, governments, and smaller startups with strategy, operations, and technology implementations. Involvement in so many organizations sparked a new curiosity in business and entrepreneurship—coupled with his love of technology, he decided to found a new company that would help facilitate learning of the future. 


Shauank learned as much as from his peers, in school and at work, as he did in formal courses and programs. Because of this, he believes that to be successful in the ever-changing world, learning needs to have an element of spontaneity and connectivity so it never stops evolving. 


His vision was to build a platform that applied to every stage of learning. Yellowdig was built with learner-centricity in its DNA to nurture the joy of learning. Students don’t just learn from their teachers, but from each other. This kind of environment fosters creativity, community, and a passion for lifelong learning.


He wants every curious person in the world to have access to the same collaborative education he did. By driving down cost, increasing access, and focusing relentlessly on the student experience, Shaunak Roy hopes Yellowdig will change the way students learn forever, enabling them to tackle more of tomorrow’s needs. 


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