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August 1, 2019

Meet Yellowdig’s New Sr. Account Executive – West/Mountain Region

Steve Davis has a B.A in Mass Communications from Colorado Mesa University with an emphasis in Electronic, Print Media and Public Relations.  He will be helping to ensure that all university partners in his region are able to meet their institutional goals and objectives of improving student engagement, retention and success through Yellowdig’s engagement platform.

From Steve:


I have been working in higher education for over 13 years and have been heavily involved in the edtech sector the past 10 years with a customer centric approach to help college and university partners accomplish their institutional goals.  Those 10 years have been focused on technology that have helped in the front end of the student lifecycle, admissions, which I always felt was the most important aspect of the lifecycle due to new students being the life’s blood of every institution. My mindset was that if universities and colleges don’t have a consistent flow of new student’s they don’t have students to teach, retain and graduate.


Today, I no longer have that view.  Over the past 5 years, watching the trends of both 4 and 6 year graduation rates supported by data that shows 50% of undergraduates do not graduate, all of this means that time and money are being lost on the front end of the lifecycle.  Replacing dropped students over and over again is not the answer.  Billions of dollars are lost in lifetime tuition revenue. 


Engagement and Retention to me are now the most critical issues facing our sector today.  I have wanted to do something about it for a while now and Yellowdig gives me this unique opportunity.

How Yellowdig helps:


Yellowdig is social engagement platform supporting multiple online community boards that now span the entire lifecycle.  Academics is where we gained our recognition and reputation the past 5 years as an edtech leader in engaging and retaining students in and out of the classroom.  Today, with Yellowdig Engage, we are now serving the entire student lifecycle where boards can be set up in pre-enrollment (impacting summer melt), student services, lifelong learning and alumni relations (engagement between alumni and soon to be graduates for internship/job opportunities) as examples of connected communities across the institution. It is exciting to see that students can access any board relevant to their student journey.


Yellowdig saves time for all end university board owners.  Instructors as an example can get grades passed back to their LMS grade book and don’t have to spend hours grading for participation grades.  They can involve student’s for contributing weekly course topics using videos and articles as well as leading discussions, opening more peer to peer learning which empowers creative thinking for their students. 


In today’s world collaboration and interacting with peers are just as important as true work experience.  These soft skills are now expected in the workforce.  I am very excited to be on the leading edge of helping university partners and to be a part of how Yellowdig effects learning, the overall student experience and brings out these communication skills to effect improved  engagement, retention and satisfaction one student at a time!