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Guest Webinar - 11/14/2019 - History, Efficacy, and Instructional Design with Yellowdig at Arizona State - Link


Guest Webinar - 10/08/2019 - Fort Hays State University: Effects of Point Settings and Instructor Behavior on Student Participation & Engagement - Link


Yellowdig Data: Efficacy, Design, and the Importance of Conversations - Link


Yellowdig Engage: Product & Technology Deep Dive - Link


Announcing Yellowdig Engage - Link


The Science and Art of Designing Real Online Discussions in Yellowdig (Spring 2019 Orientation) - Link



Yellowdig Newsletter : November 2019 - Link


Yellowdig Newsletter : October 2019 - Link


Yellowdig Newsletter : September 2019 - Link


Yellowdig Newsletter : August 2019 - Link

Edtech Recap


October 2019 - Link


September 2019 - Link


August 2019 - Link



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