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Testimonial by Brandi Beals

"The students are really quick to rally around each other, which is really the intent from my perspective for Yellowdig, to build that community. So that when somebody does need help then other students are right there to provide that support... They’re pinning what’s interesting to them but still relates to the topic, and then they can connect with friends and classmates that they didn’t expect to connect with, because our students are across the country. It’s built a lot of interesting relationships and brought those introverts out."

Testimonial by Lori Rosenkopf

"So a lot of my job is less about bringing specific information to students and more about allowing them to learn from each other and share and really grow from all the collective knowledge that does exist. So in that kind of setting and with those kind of expectations, an application like Yellowdig really gave us the room for people to share their ideas as well their resources that they were really getting their information from. And to my taste, it was in a way that was much more compelling and engaging than former technologies that we had been using in our classrooms for this purpose."

Testimonial by Peter Lucash

"I find with undergrads that they are not always aware of what is going on in business or in the world. They don’t read newspapers. They don’t read the innumerable news websites. So what I’ve done, I just used it this past semester, is to use Yellowdig as the learning vehicle... I think it’s a great tool. I want to use it again. And I like the fact that it’s a constrained world, so just for students. I can restrict who sees it."

Testimonial by Charlene Ellen Zietsma

"Yellowdig really facilitates this co-creation of learning -- this collaborative learning environment which I think is the way the world is right now... I teach MBAs and part-time MBAs who work full time during the day, so they have a lot of different experiences and they're reading for the job as well as for the classroom. They're able to bring their learning and their perspective to Yellowdig and really enhance the whole group understanding of different concepts because they're posting... I really find it creates a whole lot of value beyond what any individual instructor could do by mobilizing the entire group to help each other learn."

Testimonial by ESL Professor

"As I am typing, it is showing the possible points I could get. Talk about real-time encouragement! I will definitely want to try it out with my ESL students."

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