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Testimonial by Curricular Course-Based Communities

As evident through the learner feedback and engagement metrics from many institutions we work with, learners enjoy learning more when Yellowdig is involved. Take the affinity that you’ve generated there and use it across every possible learner touchpoint, which will be especially easy if learners are already familiar with the technology through other communities. As proven through our work, we can make sure that the funding used to attract and enroll learners isn’t wasted, and that more tuition dollars are retained and, ultimately, more alumni donations.

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Public Communities: Generate publicly accessible communities for anyone to come and ask questions about financial aid, learner life, support services, etc. Allow prospective students and their support systems to ask questions and engage with one another, not just browse websites. “Keep Warm” Communities: Through integrations with student portals, allow students who have just enrolled to start building relationships from wherever they are - they don’t need to wait until the first week of courses to start making connections!

Testimonial by Co-Curricular, Course-External Opportunities

Make community engagement a core component of every learner support service through Yellowdig communities focused around Financial Aid, Academic Counseling, demographic groups (commuters, on-campus, distance learning, minority groups, international students, etc), and general interest groups. These types of communities can allow Institution to speak to the needs of every learner. Create more opportunities for mentorship and learner-driven discussion by allowing them to create student communities in Yellowdig on their own.

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Using thoughtful, intelligent product design and pedagogical community-building expertise, Yellowdig works closely with partners to design private, brandable experiences that drive value across the KPIs that matter most: retention, engagement, learning outcome, administrative efficiency, and affinity towards your institution.

Testimonial by Karthik Kannan

"The biggest advantage we had in terms of using these sort of platforms is two-fold. For students it's a good opportunity to learn about stuff that they haven't seen in the classroom. And we can give them additional materials that they can go and learn from. We've had some interesting discussions. Some of the students have even asked me to, based on the discussions that happened on the board, they would ask me to come back and discuss things with them."

Testimonial by Stephanie Gardner

"[Yellowdig] just opens you up to a bigger picture of a student and what their beliefs are, because if they are not going to be willing to share in front of the class and they are not the type of student that is comfortable with coming up and talking to [me] before or after class -- this is just kind of a platform where you can really see what they are thinking about or what their passions are or what they feel very strongly about, which is interesting."

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