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Testimonial by Jacqueline Wickham

"We’ve had so many faculty who have said, 'Move all my discussions to Yellowdig.' I mean, people really love it. They really want to figure out a way to incorporate it into their course, which is really fun because we have had faculty in the past who have not been [as] creative want to add it into their course. And so it kind of allows us to start a whole conversation with them about creative teaching and different teaching strategies."

Testimonial by Lori Rosenkopf

"So a lot of my job is less about bringing specific information to students and more about allowing them to learn from each other and share and really grow from all the collective knowledge that does exist. So in that kind of setting and with those kind of expectations, an application like Yellowdig really gave us the room for people to share their ideas as well their resources that they were really getting their information from. And to my taste, it was in a way that was much more compelling and engaging than former technologies that we had been using in our classrooms for this purpose."

Testimonial by Dan Gruber

"Yellowdig (1) evolves class participation into real student engagement, where every student is engaged and has a voice; (2) facilitates a warm class, students can post additional articles and comments, which prepares them better for class discussion; (3) provides good learning analytics on 'how and when students are using Yellowdig', the way they are building on each other’s ideas, and whether the individual pins and comments are being favorably received by the class."

Testimonial by Dr. Jack McGourty

"It allowed individuals and teams to create a set of reading for themselves. It allowed them to show me and show others how they were formulating their thinking. You got this real insight into the behind the scenes, and [as an instructor] that's having an influence on your decision making. I don't know almost any application that can do that in the classroom."

Testimonial by Sunil Wattal

"[Yellowdig] helps instructors extend the range of topics that can be covered in a course, beyond what is listed in the syllabus... [Yellowdig] brought new perspectives to the class. It helped me create new content for the course, and was much more interesting than assigning readings. [Yellowdig] helped me to enhance the quality of my teaching."

Testimonial by Kartik Hosanagar

"With Yellowdig I have a situation where anytime there’s anything that happens in the real world that relates to the course, like Facebook acquiring Oculus, a student pins an article on the topic and it is automatically shared with all the other students. So it really minimizes my work in sharing that information with others. All the dissemination of information outside the classroom happened through Yellowdig."

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