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Testimonial by Karthik Kannan

"The biggest advantage we had in terms of using these sort of platforms is two-fold. For students it's a good opportunity to learn about stuff that they haven't seen in the classroom. And we can give them additional materials that they can go and learn from. We've had some interesting discussions. Some of the students have even asked me to, based on the discussions that happened on the board, they would ask me to come back and discuss things with them."

Testimonial by Gad Allon

"Essentially I use [Yellowdig] as a way to tell students: Whenever you want to talk about anything, whenever you want to raise an issue, whenever you want to flag something, whenever you want to bring something relevant to your own industry-- that’s your opportunity to enrich discussion based on examples that you find to basically support or contradict what I teach in class... The main value for me is that it’s a constant flow of newer and fresher examples. So rather for me to think about taking the most recent concept that I taught and finding examples in reality, I have students continuously digging and looking and trying to find examples and bringing examples and getting to very heated discussions. It’s a great way to make sure that students are involved in between classes with a course, so continuing to think about a course and apply the main concepts and how they apply in between classes. They take responsibility for bringing and thinking about how the concepts apply and engaging the discussion among them, which is really the main goal. So how do you frame an argument, how do you make your case, how do you respond online? All of these elements-- bringing your topic, taking responsibility, and learning how to argue-- are very important aspects [of Yellowdig]."

Testimonial by Stephanie Gardner

"[Yellowdig] just opens you up to a bigger picture of a student and what their beliefs are, because if they are not going to be willing to share in front of the class and they are not the type of student that is comfortable with coming up and talking to [me] before or after class -- this is just kind of a platform where you can really see what they are thinking about or what their passions are or what they feel very strongly about, which is interesting."

Testimonial by Brandi Beals

"The students are really quick to rally around each other, which is really the intent from my perspective for Yellowdig, to build that community. So that when somebody does need help then other students are right there to provide that support... They’re pinning what’s interesting to them but still relates to the topic, and then they can connect with friends and classmates that they didn’t expect to connect with, because our students are across the country. It’s built a lot of interesting relationships and brought those introverts out."

Testimonial by Terry Schmidt

"Yellowdig is so effective and reliable that I use it for about 25% of the course grade. Yellowdig has strengthened my engagement with the students. They are out there watching, participating, engaging and creating a much stronger relationship by using Yellowdig outside of class hours. It also allows me to make my class high tech and high touch.”

Testimonial by Karin Enloe

"At the end of every semester I ask students what they thought about Yellowdig, and overwhelmingly, they prefer it to the discussion board that they would be using otherwise on Blackboard. I don’t even use the discussion board on Blackboard. We only use Yellowdig in my classes. Yellowdig has enhanced the class certainly. I think it’s more vibrant. I’m happier being there. I don’t dread going into the discussion board and just feeling like I’m counting people’s words... And I feel like I can talk about the content and address misconceptions where they are happening, versus after something is due... Most online classes have discussion boards but I found that I wasn’t looking at the discussion until the day I had to grade it. And I was was grading based on looking at how many words they wrote, if they were on topic and how many people they responded to. Yellowdig has been really great for me because it allows me to jump into the conversation and see what people are doing. And I do it every day."

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