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Testimonial by Jacqueline Wickham

"We’ve had so many faculty who have said, 'Move all my discussions to Yellowdig.' People really love it. They really want to figure out a way to incorporate it into their course, which is fun because we have had faculty in the past who have not been [as] creative ask to add it into their course. And so it kind of allows us to start a whole conversation with them about creative teaching and different teaching strategies."

Testimonial by Dr. Jack McGourty

"Yellowdig allowed individuals and teams to create a set of reading for themselves. It allowed them to show me and show others how they were formulating their thinking. You got this real insight into the behind-the-scenes, and [as an instructor] that's having an influence on your decision making. I don't know any application that can do that in the classroom."

Testimonial by Susan Nix

"Working as an adjunct has its rewards, but when the experience is enriched with new learning on my part too, it’s even better. In 13 years of trying to encourage student interaction online in discussion forums, none has been as positive as this one with the piloting of Yellowdig. I am serious. The level of student comments about their own learning... caused me to look forward to the times when I was interacting with them too... I hope that LCU will keep Yellowdig so I can use it again in the fall."

Testimonial by Terry Schmidt

Participation Quantified: "Yellowdig is so effective and reliable that I use it for about 25% of the course grade. Yellowdig has strengthened my engagement with the students. They are out there watching, participating, engaging and creating a much stronger relationship by using Yellowdig outside of class hours. It also allows me to make my class high tech and high touch.”

Testimonial by Alumni Communities for ‘Lifelong Learning’

Help better define what it means to be an Alumni by providing more opportunities for lifelong learning and alumni engagement. Repurpose existing content and spin up new non-degree lifelong learning initiatives that attract a much wider audience.

Testimonial by Communities for Career Pathways

As you focus on building future-ready skills, Yellowdig can create places where alumni, corporate partners, and existing learners can share perspectives on how to find jobs and successfully get to the next phase in their journey. By involving faculty, alumni, and key players outside of the learner population Institutions can help learners and create cohesive communities that both extend the value and impact on the broader community.

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