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November 2020 EdTech Recap

By The Yellowdig Team


Key takeaways:


Effects from the election:

* What Biden as president could mean for higher education. (11/7/20) - Link

* Biden’s proposal for immigration policy impact on international students. (10/30/20) -  Link

* Jill Biden to be first First Lady currently working in Higher Ed. (11/12/20) -  Link


The current situation and future of online learning: 

* Student impressions of online learning improve slightly. (11/13/20) -  Link

* Debate heats up over test monitoring tools. (11/13/20) -  Link 

* Changes that might stick around. (11/17/20) - Link

* Predictions of future of college from WSJ readers. (11/10/20) - Link


Enrollment and tuition changes:

* Heavily online schools see increase in enrollment. (11/3/20) - Link

* Graduate enrollment temporary growth.. (11/16/20) - Link

* Southern New Hampshire aims to lower tuition to $10K/yr (11/10/20). Link

* Schools are lowering tuition. (10/30/20) - Link


COVID and college:

* Tracking how COVID is impacting Colleges. (11/17/20) - Link 

* HBCUs taking an active role in fighting COVID. (11/2/20) - Link

* What is going on with Thanksgiving? (11/10/20) - Link

* Fears of ‘Returning to normal’ in the spring. (11/10/20) - Link


Racism and college: 

* 50 libereal arts colleges join together to fight systemic campus racism. (11/12/20) - Link

* Harvard lawsuit over civil rights law potentially going to Supreme Court. (11/12/20) - Link

* There is undeniable inequality in the college pipeline. (11/17/20) - Link


Disclaimer: This recap is based on what the Yellowdig team came across in the edtech news media in this month. We do not endorse any 3rd party sources or claim this list is comprehensive.