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Prepping for Fall & Beyond


By The Yellowdig Team

*Normally we conduct monthly edtech recaps on major news we’re seeing throughout the industry. However given our current situation, we thought it would be more beneficial to provide a recap of major news stories about how leaders in the space are responding to COVID-19 and preparing for the fall and beyond. This recap is only representative of the timeline up until July 22, 2020.


Different Approaches to Fall:


  • * 15 scenarios for the fall from “normal” to fully remote and everything in between (6/9/2020). Link

  • * MIT polled their faculty and students to determine their fall plans (6/10/2020). Link

  • * Students are opting for established online institutions for fall (6/17/2020). Link

  • * How Spring’s transition to remote learning is shaping how universities plan fall (7/1/2020). Link


Establishing Community is an Essential Component for Fall:


  • *Human connection can combat retention issues commonly seen with online learning (6/6/2020). Link

  • * Can you create online learning communities? (6/11/2020). Link

  • * Recreating campus life, online with learning communities (6/18/2020). Link

  • * Learning communities are the way to engage your online students (6/29/2020). Link


Long Term Implications of COVID-19 on Higher Ed:


  • * How COVID-19 could change teaching and learning for the better (3/20/2020). Link

  • * Faculty and Administrator perspectives on the long-term impact of COVID-19 on higher education (4/10/2020). Link

  • * How COVID-19 is impacting every aspect of higher education (4/30/2020). Link