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Engage and retain like never before

Yellowdig is the digital solution that impacts the entire student lifecycle and enables lifelong learning.

Yellowdig Efficacy E-book. Success stories from faculty and students on retention, engagement, and more

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Our Efficacy E-Book

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Double your learner engagement rates


Yellowdig Engage meets students where they are, making engagement effortless and natural throughout the entire student lifecycle.


And the data supports: Yellowdig Engage drives engagement twice as effectively than LMS discussion boards.

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Drive meaningful retention


Increased student engagement means improved retention.


Yellowdig Engage reduces course drops by 8 percent, resulting in better overall outcomes for students and instructors.

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Measurable satisfaction


Yellowdig goes beyond the course of study, enriching all aspects of student life—from clubs and internships to volunteering and mentoring.


Students that use Yellowdig Engage express 90% satisfaction and want to use it again.

Join the movement


100 colleges and universities.

300,000 learners.

5,000 new learners engaging every month.


  • "At the end of every semester I ask students what they thought about Yellowdig, and overwhelmingly, they prefer it to the discussion board that they would be using otherwise on Blackboard. I don’t even use the discussion board on Blackboard. We only use Yellowdig in my classes. Yellowdig has enhanced the class certainly. I think it’s more vibrant. I’m happier being there. I don’t dread going into the discussion board and just feeling like I’m counting people’s words... And I feel like I can talk about the content and address misconceptions where they are happening, versus after something is due. Most online classes have discussion boards but I found that I wasn’t looking at the discussion until the day I had to grade it. And I was grading based on looking at how many words they wrote, if they were on topic and how many people they responded to. Yellowdig has been really great for me because it allows me to jump into the conversation and see what people are doing. And I do it every day."
  • "With Yellowdig I have a situation where anytime there’s anything that happens in the real world that relates to the course, like Facebook acquiring Oculus, a student pins an article on the topic and it is automatically shared with all the other students. It really minimizes my work in sharing that information with others. All the dissemination of information outside the classroom happened through Yellowdig."
  • "Yellowdig evolves class participation into real student engagement, where every student is engaged and has a voice. It facilitates a warm class, students can post additional articles and comments, which prepares them better for class discussion. It also provides good learning analytics on how and when students are using Yellowdig, the way they are building on each other’s ideas, and whether the individual pins and comments are being favorably received by the class."
  • "[Yellowdig] helps instructors extend the range of topics that can be covered in a course, beyond what is listed in the syllabus - [Yellowdig] brought new perspectives to the class. It helped me create new content for the course, and was much more interesting than assigning readings. [Yellowdig] helped me to enhance the quality of my teaching."
  • "Working as an adjunct has its rewards, but when the experience is enriched with new learning on my part too, it’s even better. In 13 years of trying to encourage student interaction online in discussion forums, none has been as positive as this one with the piloting of Yellowdig. I am serious. The level of student comments about their own learning... caused me to look forward to the times when I was interacting with them too... I hope that LCU will keep Yellowdig so I can use it again in the fall."
  • "I use Yellowdig on Canvas in my Microbiology course. Students and I post and discuss articles related to course concepts. It induces private but extremely active and inclusive discussions and helps students connect and apply course concepts to the real world and to understand new research. It's a great way to institute scientific reading practices, give the introverts a voice, keep up with new developments, and to give students a platform to express their opinions in a comfortable, familiar, non-intimidating way. They can earn a small amount of extra credit but they continue participating even when they have met their credit limit showing me that they love this component. It enhances my class immensely and the student feedback has also always been positive about it."
  • " I use [Yellowdig] as a way to tell students that whenever you want to talk about anything, whenever you want to raise an issue, whenever you want to flag something, whenever you want to bring something relevant to your own industry-- that’s your opportunity to enrich discussion based on examples that you find to support or contradict what I teach in class. The main value for me is that it’s a constant flow of newer and fresher examples. So instead of me taking the most recent concept that I taught and finding examples in reality, I have students continuously digging and looking and trying to find examples and bringing examples and getting into very heated discussions. It’s a great way to make sure that students are involved with a course in between classes and thinking about and applying the main concepts. They take responsibility for bringing and thinking about how the concepts apply and engage the discussion among themselves, which is really the main goal. How do you frame an argument? How do you make your case? How do you respond online? All of these elements -- bringing your topic, taking responsibility, and learning how to argue -- are very important aspects [of Yellowdig]."
  • "We’ve had so many faculty who have said, 'Move all my discussions to Yellowdig.' People really love it. They really want to figure out a way to incorporate it into their course, which is fun because we have had faculty in the past who have not been [as] creative ask to add it into their course. And so it kind of allows us to start a whole conversation with them about creative teaching and different teaching strategies."
  • "Yellowdig allowed individuals and teams to create a set of reading for themselves. It allowed them to show me and show others how they were formulating their thinking. You got this real insight into the behind-the-scenes, and [as an instructor] that's having an influence on your decision making. I don't know any application that can do that in the classroom."
  • Participation Quantified: "Yellowdig is so effective and reliable that I use it for about 25% of the course grade. Yellowdig has strengthened my engagement with the students. They are out there watching, participating, engaging and creating a much stronger relationship by using Yellowdig outside of class hours. It also allows me to make my class high tech and high touch.”
  • Online Education Services
  • Capella University
  • Johns Hopkins Carey Business School
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • University of Nebraska Lincoln
  • University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management
  • University of Michigan
  • UCI Merage

Enriching the entire student lifecycle

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A true digital campus


Enable engagement throughout the entire student lifecycle—from pre-enrollment to alumni status and beyond.


Give learners the ability to engage digitally beyond the course of study—from student groups and support services to volunteering and career planning.

Seamless integration

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Anything but another tool to "figure out"


From gradebooks, attendance and reporting systems to APIs, LDIs, SSOs and templatization, Yellowdig is built from the ground up to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and processes.

Compliance matters

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Security, privacy, accessibility


Yellowdig uses enterprise-grade technology to ensure student, instructor and administrator data is rigorously safeguarded.


We're WCAG 2.0 AA compliant, FERPA compliant and RiskSense certified.