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Orientation Recordings - Fall 2018


Yellowdig offered online orientation webinars for instructors, instructional designers, and administrators leading up to the start of the Fall 2018 semester/trimester/quarter. 


The webinar series included YLWD 101 and YLWD 401.  All webinars were recorded and are offered below.  For experienced Yellowdig instructors, we suggest you skip 101, unless you'd like to learn more about Yellowdig's start, why we believe in it, and how we're different from existing discussion boards.


YLWD 101: Intro to Yellowdig


August 15th:  VIEW RECORDING

August 17th:  VIEW RECORDING

August 21st:  VIEW RECORDING

August 23rd:  VIEW RECORDING

August 28th:  VIEW RECORDING

August 30th:  VIEW RECORDING

September 11th: VIEW RECORDING


YLWD 401: Yellowdig Practicum w/ Tips for Success

August 13th:  VIEW RECORDING

August 15th:  VIEW RECORDING

August 17th:  VIEW RECORDING

August 21st:  VIEW RECORDING

August 23rd:  VIEW RECORDING

August 28th:  VIEW RECORDING

August 30th:  VIEW RECORDING

September 12th:  VIEW RECORDING

September 19th:  VIEW RECORDING



Yellowdig will be exhibiting at these upcoming conferences:


Educause - October 30th - November 2nd in Denver, CO - Graduate Start-up Alley Exhibitor

OLC Accelerate - November 13th - 15th in Orlando, FL - Exhibitor


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