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Testimonial by Susan Nix

"Working as an adjunct has its rewards, but when the experience is enriched with new learning on my part too, it is even better. I wanted to take a moment to tell you that in 13 years of trying to encourage student interaction online in discussion forums, none has been as positive as this one with the piloting of Yellowdig. I am serious. The level of student comments about their own learning... caused me to look forward to the times when I was interacting with them too... I hope that LCU will keep Yellowdig so I can use it again in the Fall."

Testimonial by Naina Phadnis

"I have to let you know that I use Yellowdig on Canvas in my Microbiology course. Students and I post and discuss articles related to course concepts. It induces private but extremely active and inclusive discussions and helps students connect and apply course concepts to the real world and to understand new research. It's a great way to institute scientific reading practices, give the introverts a voice, keep up with new developments, and to give students a platform to express their opinions in a comfortable, familiar, non-intimidating way. They can earn a small amount of extra credit but they continue participating even when they have met their credit limit showing me that they love this component. It enhances my class immensely and the student feedback has also always been positive about it."

Testimonial by Peter Lucash

"I find with undergrads that they are not always aware of what is going on in business or in the world. They don’t read newspapers. They don’t read the innumerable news websites. So what I’ve done, I just used it this past semester, is to use Yellowdig as the learning vehicle... I think it’s a great tool. I want to use it again. And I like the fact that it’s a constrained world, so just for students. I can restrict who sees it."

Testimonial by Charlene Ellen Zietsma

"Yellowdig really facilitates this co-creation of learning -- this collaborative learning environment which I think is the way the world is right now... I teach MBAs and part-time MBAs who work full time during the day, so they have a lot of different experiences and they're reading for the job as well as for the classroom. They're able to bring their learning and their perspective to Yellowdig and really enhance the whole group understanding of different concepts because they're posting... I really find it creates a whole lot of value beyond what any individual instructor could do by mobilizing the entire group to help each other learn."

Testimonial by ESL Professor

"As I am typing, it is showing the possible points I could get. Talk about real-time encouragement! I will definitely want to try it out with my ESL students."

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